git log - 特定のauthorのcommitリストのみを出力する

端末で git log コマンドでログを確認するとき、特定の author が反映した commit リストだけを確認する方法を紹介します。

1. 特定の author の commit のみ確認

git log --author=AUTHOR_EMAIL コマンドは、AUTHOR_EMAIL が反映した commit リストだけをフィルタリングして出力します。

たとえば、次のように入力すると、 riddlehsu@google.comが反映したコミットのみが出力されます。

$ git log --author=""

commit 0a9ff046af725329e096dc94778fd86f22eeb6dd
Author: Riddle Hsu <>
Date:   Sat Jul 25 01:44:51 2020 +0800

    Remove home snapshot immediately

    If the size of snapshot is mismatched, the removal of the starting
    window will be deferred. But if the snapshot target is home, since
    it is only presented for unlocking, it is better to dismiss it as
    soon as possible to avoid outdated content from being shown on screen
    if the windows of home have drawn.

commit 06a619b9910071dac16d06d40669672756e7b99b
Author: Riddle Hsu <>
Date:   Mon Aug 10 16:21:16 2020 +0800

    Resume next activity if pausing app died

    If the top activity is crashed before showing any window, when its
    process reported dead, it will be regarded as no visible activity
    and no need to resume next activity. That may lead to the next top
    activity remains in paused state and may be unresponsive.

commit 7cab6acae9b6190ca6c0606a19e2d7e7631c5345
Merge: 732f43e51e9 2d695313c90
Author: Riddle Hsu <>
Date:   Tue Jul 7 07:58:38 2020 +0000

    Merge "Fix boot timeout and reduce boot time" into rvc-dev am: 2d695313c9

2. 2人以上のauthorのcommitリスト出力


$ git log --author="" --author="" --author=""
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